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Pastor Patricia and Bishop RJ Burt, Sr.

The Burts
The Burts

Pastor Patricia and Bishop RJ Burt have been married for over 35 years. They are the proud parents of 5 children and a host of grandchildren and Godchildren. Both Pastor Pat and Bishop Burt believe in the value of family, and when not doing ministry work are focused on family life.

Bishop and Pastor Pat met in ministry, and continue to work in ministry together. Bishop Burt serves as Senior Pastor of Greater New Birth Church and Presiding Prelate of Grace International Fellowship, and Pastor Pat leads the Intercessory Prayer and Altar Workers, and area vital to ministry.

In their downtime, Bishop Burt and Pastor Pat enjoy spending quality time together and with family, including taking drives together, watching a movie, and getting to know each other again. They believe in keeping God first in their marriage, and are proof that a marriage built on a solid Godly foundation is one built to last.

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Bishop R.J. Burt, Sr.

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